Friday, July 12, 2013

10 Financial Infographics and a Blogger

Today, we are full of links!

Info graphics have become a big rage on the internet. They can be very useful in explaining fairly complex issues in a series of “Powerpoint” like graphics and text that can be found on one page. Wikipedia says they can improve our cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends; a data visualization so to speak. I like them because the read fast and always leave an impression.

Here are ten infographics I found that have some very important information in them that everyone could use. I will comment a little on each…

Love and Finances. How much does love cost? It might be more than you think.

How much do Americans Save? There are a lot of demands on our wallet! As savers, how are we ranked against other countries’ savers?

Protect your Identity Online. These are simple tips anyone can use to protect them from scammers. You are only safe if you take action. No one will do it for you!

What are capital gains? If you are unsure or don’t know at all, this graphic is a terrific explanation. It is better to know now than learn too late. That could be a costly tax mistake!

How finances impact emotional well being. Do you get depressed at the end of the month when your account runs low? Do you ever get the “Day before Pay Day Blues?”

How much can you save with a Roth IRA? This is surprising! Had I started in my 20’s I would have a huge tower of beer or a huge retirement account if I invested in dollars rather than beer. This is a fun and informative graphic.

It is important for us to plan for a long retirement. If you and your spouse were 62 today, there is a 47% chance that one of you will live to age 90. Have you planned your retirement accordingly?

Do financial challenges cause divorce? Earlier, we saw the costs of love in our Love and Finance graphic. But can money also cause a divorce?

What is a credit union? This info graphic lays it out nicely for us.

Credit Unions vs. Big Banks. The battle between the heavyweight champ (big banks) and the flyweight contender (credit unions) goes on. Where would you rather keep your banking?

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Len Penzo is an electrical engineer with a good head for personal family finance. He is a recommended blogger by Kiplinger Reports who named him one of “Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Best Money Blogs.” I like to read Len’s blog weekly.

What I like best about Len’s blog: “Well, my blog is all about being personally responsible – not only for our personal finances, but also for everything else we do in life.  As you will learn from my blog, the great thing about financial freedom is that anyone can attain it — regardless of income level!” Len Penzo - Finance Blogger

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