Friday, May 17, 2013

Over Your Head Financially? Here are your top ten indicators...

 1. Carrying a balance on a credit card. If you are not paying them off, you are paying interest. If you could shift all the interest you paid on your consumer credit cards to your retirement account, how rich would you be? 

2. You use payday loans to make ends meet at the end of the month. Bad consumer! 

3. You’ve been turned down for a consolidation loan. This is a sure sign you are already over-extended and that your debt-to-income ratio is too high. Time to budget your expenses and start paying down what you owe! 

4. You’re hiding your spending behavior from family members. This red flag indicates that you are aware of your personal finance problems, but are unable to acknowledge it. Fighting with your spouse is a related indicator as financial troubles often lead to domestic trouble.

5. You finance your vehicle for more than five years. This may be a clear sign that you’re buying more vehicle than you can reasonably afford.

6. You get more than one late notice per year. On occasion, everybody may let a bill fall through the cracks and forget to pay it. But if you find yourself getting multiple late notices for bills, especially for utilities, then that’s a signal that your finances may be in serious trouble.

7. You get more than one bounced check per year. Again, most folks have had an occasional overdraft of their checking account. But if this happens more than once per year, it’s usually a sign of trouble.

8. You need a co-signer to get a loan. Those without a credit history can ignore this warning sign. However, for everyone else, the need for a co-signer indicates that banks no longer find you credit worthy.

9. You find yourself borrowing from your family and friends. We have heard that borrowing from friends or family is a surefire way to sow the seeds of discontent — especially when you fail to pay the money back.

10. You lack an emergency savings account of at least three months living expenses. Those who are living from paycheck to paycheck can be completely derailed by even the most modest unexpected expenses, such as the need for major car repairs.

Credit: Credit Unions are providing their members and the public with more financial education classes than ever. This is done for free as a community service to their neighbors. Yeah! 

Debit: Over the past year, several national banks have raised fees on their checking overdraft and non sufficient funds transactions. Boo! 

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The Long Shadow of Bad Credit in a Job Search: How does your credit effect your ability to find a job? This story, from New York Times Business Day section, will give you some insights into how hiring managers view your credit report. Click the link and learn! 


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